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Common Traits Of The Top Real Estate Agents In Denver

Grant Muller

Sell for More with Grant Muller...

Sell for More with Grant Muller...

Jun 3 5 minutes read

In the sprawling city of Denver, you can meet a wide range of real estate agents. Some will be competent, others sub-par, and only a few will be truly exceptional. Whether you are buying a new house or selling your current one, it pays off to have a top Denver realtor on your side. If you want to get the best possible real estate deal, you’ll need to work with one of the top real estate agents in Denver. How can you find the right agent for your needs?

Fortunately for you, there are a handful of common characteristics and traits that are shared by those top realtors. As you start your search for a real estate agent, make sure you find one that prominently showcases the following attributes. These traits can make a monumental difference in the success of your real estate journey.

Honesty And Integrity

In the real estate business, honesty is incredibly important at every step of the way. Sellers and buyers alike deserve an agent that won’t sugarcoat the details just to get a bigger commission. You shouldn’t settle for an agent that is dishonest or unclear in their communications.

An honest realtor will lay everything out on the table for their clients. Even if their advice, suggestions, and recommendations are not easy to hear, it’s better to have an agent that will communicate with you in a clear and honest manner. This honesty will help you avoid making a decision that you’ll end up regretting later.

You can gauge the ethical nature of your realtor by checking their affiliation with the Colorado Association of REALTORS. Their membership with the CAR will indicate whether they are worthy of your trust or not. To become a CAR member, real estate agents must adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. This should give you some insights to the honesty of a given realtor. 

Expert Knowledge Of The Local Market 

The real estate market of Denver is expansive and each neighborhood can feel very different from the last. From average home sale prices to neighborhood safety and security, the real estate in Denver can range widely. If you hope to get the best deal for your property investment, it pays off to have an agent who is very knowledgeable of the Denver real estate market.

Most of the top real estate agents in Denver will display an encyclopedic knowledge of these local areas. They should be able to quickly recall key stats and relevant information for various neighborhoods all across Denver. Whether that’s information on local schools or the average number of days a listing remains on the market, that expert knowledge can be invaluable for your real estate experience.

The best way to gauge the local knowledge of a realtor is through an in-person conversation. Ask them about the latest topics in real estate, housing trends in the Denver area, and more. This will give you a peek into the limits of their real estate expertise and how they can leverage it to your benefit.

Friendly Professional Demeanor

What good is a real estate agent if you hate working with them? In an ideal situation, you should feel comfortable, at ease, and able to freely speak your mind around your real estate agent. Your agent should be friendly and accommodating to your needs, but they should always retain an air of professionalism.

What might a friendly real estate agent look like? In our experience, we believe that your real estate agent should be:

  • Focused on building a relationship with you first before they start searching for the right listings for your needs.
  • Ready to adapt their communication styles to more appropriately fit your comfortability.
  • Unafraid of putting unpopular opinions and ideas in front of you.
  • Able to laugh and enjoy your presence as a friend and as a client.

Your agent doesn’t need to be super-extroverted, outgoing, or talkative. At the end of the day, what really matters is if your personality gels well with the personality of your real estate agent. You should enjoy being around them and you should feel comfortable enough to trust that they’re working in your best interests.

Work With The Top Real Estate Agents In Denver

If you’re looking for your new home or you’re eager to sell your current house, then you’re in the right place. At the Grant Muller Group, we emphasize honest and open communication with our clients. We always prioritize the development of a strong relationship with each client over our revenue from a real estate deal. Our realtors will leverage their years of Denver real estate experience to benefit you and your family. We promise to put our best foot forward to help you achieve your real estate goals.

Contact the Grant Muller Group today to start working with one of the top real estate agents in Denver.

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