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The Top 10 Interior Design Trends For 2019

Grant Muller

Sell for More with Grant Muller...

Sell for More with Grant Muller...

Jan 6 7 minutes read

It’s always tough to stay up-to-date on interior design trends. Since so many aspects of interior decor can be subjective, it’s hard to pin down exactly what’s a trend and what’s a personal preference. The interior design industry is in a constant state of change and leading viewpoints can vary from the tame to the extreme. Still, there are some interior designs that we can usually identify as emerging and important trends.

Our staff put together a detailed list on the hottest interior design trends that will undoubtedly reign supreme in 2019.   

1. Accessorizing Artisanally

A rising trend through the past year, many families are absolutely loving the appeal of handcrafted artisanal looking furniture. These days, we’ve grown so accustomed to pre-made materials and furniture pieces. Pieces of handcrafted artisan furniture can bring people back to their roots and remind them of the incredible power of the human hand. Whether it’s a unique chair or custom made frame for artwork, you can really spruce up your home and keep things interesting with a few pieces of handcrafted artisanal design. Even if you aren’t a craftsperson, this is an interior design trend that you’ll want to keep an eye on.

2. Warmer Neutral Colors

For some time now, many homes have covered their walls with shades of cooler grays and neutral colors. In 2019, those rooms might need to be updated. On of the newer interior design trends of the year is an emphasis on warmer neutral colors. Say goodbye to those days of cool negative space on your walls! It might be time to update your home’s decor with some warmer neutral colors. We’re positive that these colors can help establish a more elegant feel in your home.

3. Every Shade Of Pink

Pink was masculine, then it was feminine. Now, in 2019, pink is no longer limited to a single gender. Throughout 2019, prepare yourself for all things pink. The interior design space is warming up to the shades of pink, taking on bolder raspberry tones, lighter child-like hues, and peachy mixes. If you’re looking to update your interior decor, then you should consider adding this flowery color to prominent spots throughout your home. Your kitchen cabinets, for instance, could benefit from a splash of pink. If you like to mix and match, pink shades will most likely pair best with mustard, orange, or even dark green. When you spruce up your interior designs, don’t skip over the pink!

4. The Need For Tweed

Out with the old and in with the new! Homes have grown accustomed to streaks of moody velvets over the past handful of years. As we move into 2019, the next textural trend will emphasize tweed over everything else. While you can decorate your home how you please, you should still prepare for the future of interior design that loves to tout tweed.

5. Terrazzo Resurfaces

If you’re not onboard with the terrazzo trend yet, you probably will be soon enough. Terrazzo is an incredibly durable and affordable material. Terrazzo all comes from a mixture of glass, granite, marble, and/or quartz chips. That affordable mixture is then suspended in polished cement or resin, giving it the durable quality that people love. In the past, terrazzo has been mainly used as flooring for schools, hospitals, and airports. However, this unique material has resurfaced in the past year or so as a retro interior design choice that carries a hidden quality of luxury. In 2019, prepare to see this trend placed much more predominantly throughout homes. From coffee tables to shower walls, this retro-fresh material might be everywhere before you know it.

6. Colored Grout and Contrasting Tile Designs

If you feel like you’ve seen less black-and-white tile designs, it’s because that trend is a thing of the past. White tiles have been abandoned in interior design for increasingly intricate tile designs, like Moroccan, herringbone, and other geometric designs. But, this is only the beginning. Throughout 2019, we expect for colored grout and contrasting tiles to find their way into homes across America.

7. Sleeker Black Kitchens

People love the appeal of post-modern interior design. However, it’s become clear that white kitchen designs are no longer the top-dog. People still want sleek color schemes and unique interior design, so they are opting for more color in the kitchen. In 2019, you should expect to see black kitchens rise significantly in popularity. You’d be surprised at how a simple color change can give your kitchen a sleeker, richer, and more modern feeling.

8. Furniture That’s Curvy

When you look at the furniture trends of interior design, it becomes clear that we’re emphasizing a return to intimacy. Whether it’s due to the over-connectivity of technology or our non-stop chaotic culture, furniture is working to bring us back together. In 2019, prepare to get comfortable with couches, sofas, and chairs that have some curves to them. This design trend brings elegance to the modern home, but still prioritizing comfortability.

9. Florals, Florals, And More Florals

It’s no secret that interior design trends can be dictated by the fashion runways. Floral designs were sweeping successes at the spring and fall fashion series, indicating that florals will be a big hit in 2019. However, don’t confuse these designs with those dated floral prints your grandmother loves. We’ve moved past that era; today the floral patterns are more abstract, bolder, and “larger than life.” Are you tired of the stale, rigid, and geometric patterns decorating your house? Then it might be time to swap them out with more intricate and interesting floral design patterns.

10. Pampering Mutts With Home Accessories

It’s estimated that over 63 million US households own a dog or two. We’re so acclimated to including dogs with our families, so it’s only natural that families want to treat them right and pamper them. On of the bigger interior design trends of 2019 will be a host of pet-exclusive home accessories. That means, you should expect to see more dog showers in homes across the US. Yes, you read that right: dog showers. These small additions are actually easy to install and they don’t require much space. It will be incredibly beneficial for those pet owners, especially on rainy spring days and snowy winter afternoons. Dog showers will be popular, but there might be other home accessories that specifically cater to pups.

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