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How To Conserve Energy & Save Money On Your Home This Summer

Grant Muller

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Sell for More with Grant Muller...

Jun 8 5 minutes read

It is estimated that the average U.S. household spends upward of $2,000 every year on energy bills, which is roughly $167 per month! That is an outrageous annual expense that can only get worse in the hot summer months. As a homeowner, we’d wager that you want to cut costs and save money on your home whenever possible. We’re here to help you achieve exactly that.

This summer, stick with our energy saving tips to conserve your funds and turn your house into a more energy-efficient environment.

Crank Your Thermostat Up

We know that this tip may sound counter-intuitive. In the summertime, many homeowners will lower their thermostats to as low as they can go. We all love an air-conditioned room, but the A/C is a serious drain on energy. And the larger the difference between the temperatures inside and outside of your house, the faster your house will heat up. That means your A/C will only work harder and longer to cool your home, thus wasting tons of energy.

By setting your thermostat to a higher temperature (one you’re comfortable with), your A/C will be used far less. It’s one of the most efficient ways to save money on your home during the summertime. Just remember to follow this practice when you leave town for vacation as well. You may also want to consider getting a smart thermostat to control the heat remotely.

Be Smart About Your Appliance Usage

Some of your appliances can have the most significant power expenditures during summer. Your refrigerator, for instance, can suck up a lot of power on a hot summer day. Remember to keep those fridge doors closed at all times to preserve the temperature inside of it. If you need to cool a hot item in the fridge, let it come down to room temperature before placing it inside.

On those hot summer days, we’d recommend that you avoid using the oven whenever possible. Instead, use the microwave to heat certain dishes without heating your entire house. Use that outdoor grill to cook things too, which will help keep your indoor temperature in check. These practices will undoubtedly cut down on your energy bills and help you save money on your home.

Limit The Indoor Sunshine

On a clear summer day, you can expect those sun-rays to be incredibly hot. If you really want to cut down on your energy bills, try to keep those rays out of your home. Draw the blinds, close the shades, and keep your curtains closed when you can. This will help keep the hot sun rays out of your home, which will lead to a cooler indoor environment.

You might also want to consider leveraging your landscape outside. Strategically planted trees on your property can help keep the sun at bay. Just make sure they block out the sun on the south and west sides of your property.

Change Your Indoor Lights

If you have not yet switched from incandescent bulbs to LED lights, now is the time to do so. As it turns out, an LED bulb actually uses 75% less energy than an incandescent bulb. LED lights also emit far less heat into your house and they last 25 times longer than incandescent lights. These lighting options are honestly a triple win for your household, so there’s no reason to not switch.

Leverage Fans Over Your A/C

It takes a lot of energy for one air conditioner unit to cool an entire home. While they aren’t as cool or state-of-the-art as your A/C unit, fans can still help lower your home’s indoor temperature. Whether they’re plug-in motor fans, ceiling fans, or window units, those fans will definitely help you save money on your home. They’re low-cost ways to keep the air circulating in your home and help you stay comfortable.

Do Your Laundry The Smart Way

No energy saving tip is better than just receiving free energy! If you’re doing laundry and the sky is clear, use an outdoor clothesline to dry your laundry off. This way you don’t have to use your dryer at all and you’ll save a ton of energy for your home.

We’d also recommend that you wash your clothes in cold water when possible. A lot of energy goes into the heating process for those warm and hot water cycles in the washing machine. When you are smart about your laundry, you can conserve plenty of energy and save money on your home.

We know the hot weather isn’t always pleasant, but these smart strategies can help your home become a more energy-efficient environment.

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