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Why Home Selling Is Emotional: What To Expect When Selling Your Home

Grant Muller

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Sell for More with Grant Muller...

Sep 3 7 minutes read

It isn’t always easy to decide to sell your home and it certainly isn’t a decision you should take lightly. While you will encounter a multitude of stressful life events throughout your life, research has shown that selling your home is one of the most stressful experiences of your life. That stress can compound and become worse when you’re selling your home under a time crunch, need to coordinate a quick move, and still have to provide for your family. 

It’s perfectly normal to have strong emotions when you’re selling your house. The overall experience can feel very overwhelming and, at times, it can inspire doubts. Still, that doesn’t mean that your emotions need to get in the way of successfully selling your home. It may be an emotional time, but you shouldn’t focus solely on the negative aspects of your selling process. These three real-life stories from genuine homeowners can help you see the silver linings when you’re selling your home.

Selling Story 1: The Last-Minute Memories 

Never underestimate the power of nostalgia. Sometimes it can come out of left field and hit you like a bag of bricks! Many first-time home sellers will be unexpectedly hit by a wave of nostalgia once they see the emptiness of their sold home. Each room is completely bare and has been stripped clean of your belongings; every room is ready for its next owner. Many people will get caught up in the chaos of moving and develop an inability to focus on anything else besides the move. Before you know it, your family is all ready to go and you realize exactly what you are about to leave behind. This rush will usually occur near the end of the moving process. That’s exactly what happened to Erin, the creative author behind The Sunny Side Up Blog. She recalls walking around from room to room, seeing flashes of old memories fill the empty space. “I see my baby girls running around in dress-ups. I could see our evening routine – giving them a bath and putting them in matching PJs. I could see so many sweet moments between my kids and how fast they grew right in front of my eyes in that house."

"It’s not hard to say good-bye to a house. It’s hard to say good-bye to special memories and to the end of an era. A really happy era that I will tuck away and treasure in my heart forever."

The Bright Side ☀️

It may have been an emotional move, but there’s always a bright side to pick out of the situation. Even though those memories were associated with their old home, Erin and her family will have those memories forever. She knows that she’ll walk between the rooms of her new house and experience the same overwhelming feelings of pride, love, and joy. There will be plenty of new memories for them to make in their new home.

Selling Story 2: Meeting The End Of An Era Head-On

When parents become empty-nesters, their world of freedom expands rapidly. With the kids out of the house and onto bigger and better things, many empty-nesters will start to think about the possibilities that lay ahead of them. The Atlantic recently ran a story on how some empty-nesters have successfully navigated the sale of a family home. One such story, from Alene Bouranova, can feel like a tear-jerker. Bouranova grew up in Kirkland, Washington, and while she was attending school in Boston, Massachusetts, her parents told her how they had sold her childhood home. Just like that, her parents sold the family home of many years. You can imagine how emotional Alene felt after receiving the news.

“I started crying in the dining hall, just crying all over my plate of pasta,” Bouranova says. “I was not pleased at all. That was my home.”

The Bright Side ☀️

Of course, Bouranova was initially very emotional about the sale of her childhood home. It had been the only home she had ever really known and it was a place full of many cherished memories. However, those emotions slowly disappeared and Bouranova came to terms with the decision to sell. She understood the reasoning behind her parent’s decision to sell their home. 

 “It’s my parents, and as sad as I was originally, it’s their lives and they can do what they want,” Bouranova says. “I just want them to be happy.” 

Selling Story 3: Brief Moments Of Doubt

Realtors are the people that are most familiar with the process of selling and moving homes. They walk a plethora of clients through the home-selling process every week. We’re very familiar with aspect of the process. However, one realtor, Nancy Perkins, was overwhelmed with emotions when was selling her family’s home of 19 years. Even though she’d walked others through this process a million times before, Nancy and her husband began to doubt themselves after realizing how attached they felt to not just to the home itself, but to the entire neighborhood as well.

“We started to doubt ourselves. Why did we need to make any changes when this house worked well for us? While we were ready for a new house, we were attached to our home, to our garden and to our neighbors.”

The Bright Side ☀️

Like many of her clients, those doubting thoughts kept Nancy up at night. But, her hesitant fears were quickly alleviated when their home received multiple offers, they engaged with happy buyers, and quickly made an outstanding sale! Over the years, the family had made smart renovations to the home and upped its value. Combine that hard work with good staging and fair pricing, you’ll almost always quickly sell your home.

The Bottom Line

We know, it’s hard to leave your cherished family home. It’s home to so many memories and emotions that you can sometimes feel like you’re making the wrong choice. Still, you will never ever forget the memories that you made in your home with your family. When you look forward to the new memories you’ll create in the future in your new home and get excited for what’s to come, you can put your mind at ease and feel more comfortable about selling your home. 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve lived there a couple years or many decades. Whenever you are selling your home, you’ll experience a cathartic and deep emotional response.

Selling your home is hard.
Selling without an agent is
even harder.

Even if you’re not planning on selling soon,
preparing you (and your home) to sell will help with the
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