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Bathroom Designs That Can Really Break A Home

Grant Muller

Sell for More with Grant Muller...

Sell for More with Grant Muller...

Feb 4 4 minutes read

As a leading real estate agency in the Denver area, we’re absolutely obsessed with bathroom designs. With every house we visit, we love to take the time to examine the soaking tubs, the faucet heads, the design’s spacing, and the vanities mounted on the walls. While we love to gawk at the gorgeous designs, we admit that we are also equally fond of gazing at the bathroom design disasters. If this is a secret passion of yours too, then you’re in some good luck! Not only will you see some terrible bathroom designs below, but you can also see them daily on this interesting Instagram account.

Some years ago, an interior designer named Dina Holland created an Instagram account called @PleaseHateTheseThings. As a fellow lover of bad interior design, Dina regularly posts the worst interior designs that she stumbles across in her work. Her account doesn’t exclusively focus on bathroom designs, as she’ll showcase photos of appalling exteriors, absurd kitchen designs, and other small tidbits of interior design fails. Many of her posts come from her own personal experiences, but a plethora also come from her huge fanbase. There are a number of additional Instagram accounts that have a similar purpose.

Still, we’ve compiled some of the best bathroom design fails around. Check out some of the examples below and you’ll quickly learn how a bathroom design can ruin the appeal of a home.

Never Mix Baths and Stairs

We’ve all slipped and fallen in the bathtub at some point in our lives. But, that pain is probably nothing compared to tumbling trip down the stairs! Just imagine how painful one wrong step here could be. It’s definitely not the ideal layout for taking a bath. This is one of the worst bathroom designs we’ve seen for some time. It’s truly hard to believe that someone thought it would be convenient to place the stairs right next to the tub.

Antiques Are Nice, But They’re Not Needed In The Bathroom

Just because the staging company left behind some antiques, it doesn’t mean you should put them wherever you please. Why would you ever need an ancient schoolhouse desk right smack dab in the middle of your restroom? It’s one of the weirder bathroom designs on this list. And let’s not forget about the strangely positioned sink in the corner. I think I’d pass on this house if I was looking to buy.

Keep Toilets Away From The Windows!

Oh, how awkward. You have to really ask yourself, “what were those bathroom designers thinking?” Just imagine, if you walked into a bathroom with the toilet positioned right in front of the window, you’d probably move onto the next available house. Or at least, most people would. You might be thinking “Oh, that’s horrible. But, it can't get much worse, right?" Just keep scrolling and you’ll feel glad to have your current bathroom designs.

Are You Seeing These See-Through Toilets?

These days, people love to see more modern bathroom designs with sleek shower-heads and low-flush toilets. This see-through toilet takes the entire modern design idea too far. It may look sleek and modern right now, but just wait until you have to clean your toilet in a few weeks. Will you still appreciate the aesthetic then? When you’re trying to sell your home, keep it simple with the design of your toilet.

Mosaic Madness

Mosaic masterpieces can be very impressive and eye-catching as well. But, that’s not what people want in a bathroom. All of those tiny tiles will make it very difficult to tell what’s clean and what’s moldy. Of course, some people love mosaic patterns. If you’re going to go tile-crazy, then why should you stop at the porcelain? We think that out of all the bathroom designs on this list, this one demonstrates one key lesson: it’s a bathroom, not an art installation.

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